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Glen Moscoe
Graduate Gemologist, 
Jeweler and Experienced Appraiser

In addition to working in the retail side of the business, Glen frequently consults with estate and divorce attorneys, trust officers, private collectors and auction houses. His knowledge of the value and origin of antique and vintage jewelry is of incredible value to individuals looking to buy, sell or distribute their estates equitably.

For over 40 years, owner Glen Moscoe has been a trusted advisor to Rochester jewelry buyers and sellers, attorneys and bank trust officers. Formally trained as a jeweler at Gem City College and a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Glen has been active in all phases of the industry.


A native of Los Angeles, Glen moved to Rochester to work for Mann's Jewelers in the 1970s. After 10 years as their diamond and colored gemstone buyer and senior gemologist, Glen struck out on his own. In 1991, after several years as an industry consultant, he opened Glen Moscoe Jewelers in the Tops Plaza in Brighton.

"I believe that jewelry can be enjoyed by everyone," explains Glen. "Our jewelry is accessible because we offer something for every budget. Everyone who comes to our store is treated with respect. We gladly share our four decades of experience to help you make the best decision regarding the purchase, redesign, remounting, repair or sale of your jewelry."

Karen Winterman Moscoe


A native of Rochester, Karen Winterman Moscoe is actively involved in jewelry sales and customer service. She is also responsible for the changing and seasonal designs of our cases. She is also an expert at wrapping your gifts. She has an incredible sense of style and is often involved in buying jewelry.

Marty McVay, Former Retail Sales Manager


Marty McVay has a strong customer service background and a keen understanding of how to treat customers. Her love of jewelry, her knowledge of gemstones and her wonderful eye for color brought her to Glen Moscoe Jewelers in 1998. Although Marty has decided to retire to spend time with her grandchildren, she remains an important part of our store's history.

Zoey, Customer Greeter


Our thirteen-year-old shih tzu-poodle mix, Zoey was frequently stationed at her bench in the store entry. She became a loyal friend to many customers and passersby. Unfortunately, we lost Zoey just after our 2014 Christmas season. She will be missed by many, especially our family.

Theo, Customer Greeter


Our new greeter is the first male we've hired for this job. He joined us in November 2015. He is a hard worker because he knows he has big paws to fill after Zoey. A graduate of Mr. Manners School of Greeters, Theo loves to meet new people. He also loves jewelry and has a passion for playing cards. His second job is as a therapy dog where he has the opportunity to bring joy to people of all ages. You can expect him to greet you at the door with a smile. We always have a bowl of small treats on the table in our entryway if you feel like rewarding him for a job well done.

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