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Jewelry is one of the few things that you can buy, enjoy for a number of years and then trade for something new. Jewelry is not usually purchased as an investment because only a limited number of unique and important pieces will increase in value over the years. Still, whether you are trading up, trading down or simply trading in, sometimes you just need or want to make a change.

We offer a professional, confidential and reliable service for clients looking to sell their old, unwanted or broken jewelry. We buy jewelry of all kinds, paying top dollar for antique and signed pieces. As an owner- operated store, we are able to gauge the value of your jewelry, and advise you of your best option: repair, remount, scrap, etc. If you decide to sell, we will offer you fair market value for your items right on the spot.


Estate Jewelry - We are particularly interested in buying antique or estate pieces that are in good condition. We maintain an entire case in our store to display a wide variety of diamonds, colored gemstone and gold vintage jewelry. These pieces often showcase Old World craftsmanship and styles that are hard to find.


Consignment Sales - For high value jewelry in excess of $10,000, we can either purchase your item outright at wholesale prices or place it on consignment in the hopes of getting you more money. We can also access an international network of jewelry buyers.

Scrap Metals - With the price of platinum, gold and silver near or at all time highs, now is a very good time to unload your broken, orphaned or unused jewelry. In minutes, we verify the karat value of the individual pieces, weigh them and offer you cash right on the spot. With access to the Internet, we are able to stay on top of market fluctuations so you can be sure of always getting top dollar for your jewelry.

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