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Nothing lasts forever. Like any significant purchase, your jewelry requires maintenance, cleaning and repair from time-to-time. Also, today, people typically wear their best jewelry every day, causing predictable wear and tear. At Glen Moscoe Jewelers, we offer free cleaning and a check-up of any piece of jewelry to spot loose gems, worn or missing prongs, faulty clasps or other signs of wear.

  • Sizing - Whether your ring size has changed or you are ready to pass your jewelry on to the next generation, we can make the necessary size adjustments. We size any type of gold, silver or platinum ring. We can also make adjustments to chains, bracelets and more.

  • Prong Repair/Replacement - Prongs naturally wear down as a result of frequent wear. We can rebuild and/or replace missing prongs and channels. We encourage you to have your rings and settings inspected at least once or twice a year to avoid losing your stone.

  • Laser Welding - This technique makes it possible to repair many pieces of jewelry that would have been damaged by the intense heat of traditional welding/soldering.

  • Rhodium Plating - This process re-coats and restores the bright color of white gold jewelry. It can also be used to change the color of yellow gold to the color of white gold. This is not a permanent process, but it can last several years and can be repeated to maintain the look.

  • Recutting and Repolishing Stones (Lapidary Services) - If you have a diamond or colored stone that has been chipped, scratched or lost its luster, it can be re-cut or re-polished to restore it to its original condition. 

  • Watch Repairs - We ask you to leave your watch with us so that we can provide a free, upfront estimate of the repairs. We require your approval before going ahead with any repairs.

  • Restringing - Pearls and beads may require restringing from time-to-time. But it is important to have your pearls and beads examined regularly to evaluate the integrity of the stinging and knotting.

  • Clasp Replacement - Clasps can also become worn down from constant wear and often need replacing. As we age, clasps can also become harder to negotiate. We can replace your current clasp with one that's larger and easier to work with. We also offer a magnetic clasp that is user-friendly.

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