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As a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate with 40 years in all phases of the jewelry industry, Glen Moscoe has the knowledge and experience to provide you with critical information about the origin/history, current market value and long-term worth of your jewelry.

The GIA is the world's largest and most respected nonprofit institute of gemological research and learning. You don’t have to be a Graduate Gemologist to advertise that you offer appraisals, but every GIA graduate is highly trained to perceive the subtle aspects of color, cut, quality and all other factors that can dramatically affect the value of your jewelry.


Over the years Glen has written thousands of appraisals. He often works with bank trust departments, attorneys, insurance companies and even other retail jewelers. He has even acted as an expert witness to help identify doctoring of stones.


We provide customers who make large jewelry purchases with a written appraisal. We would also be happy to provide our other customers with a short description of their purchase. This appraisal confirms that the quality and components of the pieces are exactly as represented as well as current retail value. High value jewelry requires additional coverage beyond the limits of your homeowner’s policy. We often work with Jewelers Mutual Insurance and can walk you through the process.

Our Appraisal Service offers written appraisals of single items or large collections for the following needs:

  • Adequate Insurance Coverage

  • Determination of Replacement or Fair Market Value

  • Cash Liquidation Value

  • Personal Relationship Dissolution

  • Bankruptcy

  • Estate Valuation

  • Equitable Distribution to Heirs


We also invite you to bring in any and all of your jewelry, even costume jewelry, for a free verbal appraisal. This is a fast and easy way to organize and valuate your collection. We test the metals and inspect the stones under our professional microscope. We often find a treasure hiding in the collection. Appointments are recommended for large collections.

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